A Garland of Roses and Fruit tied with a Blue Ribbon and surrounded by Butterflies and other Insects

Oil on canvas
24 7/16 x 19 5/16 inches, 62 x 49 cm

Painted while still in his father's studio circa 1655, this Garland displays all the qualities of his father's work and while Cornelis was working at his pinnacle. Another superb Garland dated 1654 was with Rafael Valls in 2003, but with additional Eucharist symbols on a ledge. This relies on Jan Davidsz de Heem's composition of 1653, now in the National Gallery of Ireland. Although he was still relatively young, these garlands demonstrate an artist working at the height of his skill and invention. The level of detail is extraordinary, from the raised and rough skin of the oranges to the busy ants feeding on the overripe fig, to the lapis blue silk bow. This rich and exhuberant anbundance of fruit, flowers, wheat and insects is a type of hanging cornucopia that can only come from a country relishing in its flourishing prosperity.


Private Collection, France