A Pair of Trompe L'Oeils

Oil on canvas
One Signed: "Bernardo Llorente"
26 15/16 x 20 1/16 inches, 67.3 x 50.2 cm

One of the books is inscribed 'Ciceron' on the spine. Presumably this is referring to Marcus Tullius Cicero, the 1st BC Roman philosopher. The sheet music depicted is a fugue by Agostino Agazzari (1578 - 1640), an Italian composer and music theorist. Llorente's trompe l'oeil still lives tended to allude to the five senses, a type of still lives known as Rincon de Estudio, which had been introduced into Seville by the painter Marcos Fernandez Correa (act. 1667 - 1673). Two paintings in the Louvre, Allegories of Taste and of Smell (R.F. 1955-17 & 18) display a similar composition and many of the same characteristics as our paintings.


Private Collection, USA