A Portrait of Burgomaster Sebastian Spörlin (1565-1644), Three-Quarter Length, in a black Doublet with his Spaniel called Credit

Oil on Panel
Signed 'Barthol. Sarburgh Trevirensis Pinxit.', Inscribed 'AETATIS 60.' and 'CREDIT' and Dated 'Ao 1626"
104.5 x 83 cms (41 1/8 x 32 3/4 inches)

Sebastian Spörlin was painted by Sarburgh during his time in Basel and must have been an important commission for Sarbugh owing to Spörlin's position as Burgomaster. Spörlin (1565 - 1644) lived his entire life in Basel and from 1588 slowly worked his way up the ladder of officialdom within the City finally becoming Mayor in 1621.


Private Collection, Switzerland