A Portrait of a Gentleman in an elaborate Green, Red and White Costume

Oil on Panel
Signed: "J. Marienhof"
9 7/8 x 7 3/16 inches, 25.1 x 18.3 cm

We are grateful to Marieke de Winkel who has dated the painting to 1653-1655 by means of the costume. The sitter was clearly a man of fashion and almost certainly a member of the aristocracy, demonstrated by the rapier he wears. The 'lovelock' with small red bows on his left shoulder would seem to confirm this, although this detail was usually a feature of foreign aristocratic costume and rare with Dutch sitters. This may suggest that the sitter was a well travelled individual aware of fashions from around Europe.


Herbert N. Bier, London, 1951;where purchased by the family of the previous owner.