A Self Portrait

Oil on canvas
35 1/16 x 31 1/8 inches, 89 x 79 cm

This newly discovered early self portrait is an important addition to his oeuvre and can be closely compared to the 'Self Portrait as a Draughtsman' in the Cook Collection, Bedford. Sumowski and Stewart date this painting to circa 1670, which would suggest an earlier date for our painting. It shows the artist as a much younger man although no less self assured. Our painting may well have been painted while Kneller was still in Bol's studio or soon after as there are many 'Bol-like' qualities. Indeed, many of Knellers earlier paintings were given to Bol. Clearly Kneller, in the Cook portrait, is elaborating on his earlier self portrait.

We are grateful to Professor Werner Sumowski for confirming the attribution on the basis of photographs. He dates the painting to the mid 1660s.


A Noble Collection, Jutland, Denmark